Full-Body 15-Minute Workout with Resistance Bands

15-minute workout

Welcome back for another Workout Wednesday post. Today’s workout is a 15-minute workout you can do at home with just a few resistance bands.

I recommend using a light, medium, and heavy resistance band when doing this workout, but you could also get away with just using a heavy and a light band. If you’re in the market for a set of resistance bands, I like this set from Amazon.

This workout is super quick, but it strengthens all your major muscle groups. I also added in some accessory exercises like biceps curls and tricep extensions in case you’re looking to give those areas a little extra attention.

If you’re interested in growing specific muscle groups, go ahead and switch out the accessory movements in this workout for ones that fit your goals better.

For example, if you’re really focused on shoulder growth, you might want to swap out the biceps curls and tricep extensions for rear deltoid flyes and front raises to give them some extra attention. Or, if you’re really focused on improving the definition in your legs, you might want to do calf raises in place of one of the other exercises.

I don’t recommend getting rid of the compound exercises — the squats, single-leg toe touches, overhead presses, and push-ups. These exercises are the most functional and will give you the most bang for your buck. They’re the meat and potatoes (or tofu and potatoes if you don’t eat meat); the other exercises are just seasonings that add some extra flair.

Okay, that’s enough yammering — can you tell that I’m hungry while writing this? Let’s get into this quick, effective 15-minute workout!

The Warm-Up

Bodyweight Squats

Doing bodyweight squats before weighted or banded squats is a great way to get your body warmed up and ready to perform the weighted exercises with good form.

Bodyweight squats help you ease into the workout and get your blood flowing before you add something in that makes your squats more challenging. They’re also great for getting your heart rate up in general.

Hip Hinges

I’ve talked a lot about hip hinges, so I won’t say too much here. I like doing them before any workout that involves hip hinging — in the case of this workout, the hip hinging comes from the single-leg toe touches — just to loosen up my hamstrings and get ready for those movements.

Side Reach to Reverse Prayer

This is a great upper body warm-up that helps you improve your posture and stay upright while you’re working out. They loosen up the shoulders and open up the chest, too.

The Workout


Use the heavy resistance band for these. As you’re squatting, focus on getting as low as you can while still maintaining good form. Keep your chest lifted and your back straight.

Don’t worry if your knees extend past your toes. As long as you’re keeping your feet flat on the floor and your weight evenly distributed, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Overhead Presses

It’s best to use the light resistance band for this exercise, but you might be able to get away with using the medium band depending on your strength level.

When you’re doing these, make sure your core stays engaged and avoid arching your back and flaring your rib cage. Squeeze your glutes to help keep everything lined up as it ought to be.

Single-Leg Toe Touches

I explain this exercise in detail in this post. You don’t need to resistance bands for this exercise.


You don’t need any resistance bands for this exercise, either. Check out this post for more tips on perfecting your push-ups.

Biceps Curls

Biceps curls are pretty self-explanatory.

The only warning I want to give here is to make sure you’re keeping your core engaged and squeezing your glutes while you’re doing this. This will help you avoid rocking back and forth and using momentum to curl the band up.

If it’s too hard for you to do curls with the heavy resistance band, go ahead and swap it out for the medium or light band.

Single-Arm Tricep Extensions

The same rule from overhead presses and biceps curls applies to tricep extensions: Engage your core and squeeze your glutes so your back isn’t arching while you do this exercise.

Focus on keeping the elbow close to the head, too, to better isolate the tricep.

Lateral Raises

Once again, engage your core and squeeze your glutes. Do your best to isolate the medial deltoids and avoid letting other muscles take over.

Be especially careful not to shrug your shoulders and become overly reliant on your trapezius muscles while doing this exercise — unless you want to deal with a tension headache later.

Video Breakdown

Need more guidance with any of these exercises? Here’s a video breakdown of this 15-minute workout that will help you out:

If you try this 15-minute workout, share it wit a friend and let me know in the comments down below!

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