Full-Body One Kettlebell Workout Routine

workout routine

It’s Workout Wednesday and I’m back with another full-body workout routine!

All you need to do this workout is a moderately heavy kettlebell (I’m using a 35-pound kettlebell). I’ve also included dumbbell and bodyweight substitutions in case you don’t have a kettlebell handy.

This workout is great for strengthening the posterior chain (back of the body). It targets the hamstrings, glutes, lats, and core, specifically.

Let’s get into it!

The Warm-Up

Hip Hinges

This is the perfect warm-up for deadlifts and other hip-hinging exercises. I also just love doing them when my hamstrings need a little stretch!

When you’re doing these, be sure to keep your chest lifted and spine straight. Send your hips back toward the wall behind you and don’t let your lower back round.

Superman w/ Pull-Down

This exercise helps to warm up the lats and lower back. It’s great to do before deadlifts and other back exercises.

Be sure to keep your neck neutral when doing this exercise and move slowly.

Really squeeze the lats when you’re doing the pull-down motion, too. Don’t just move your arms.

Plank to Downward Facing Dog

This is another mobility exercise that helps to warm up the hamstrings and upper back. It really loosens up the shoulders and hips, too.

Start in a plank position. Make sure the shoulders are directly over the wrists.

Lift your hips up toward the ceiling until you’re in a downward facing dog pose. Then, rock your weight forward until you’re back in the plank position.

The Workout Routine

Kettlebell Deadlifts

Keep up the same motion you practiced during the hip hinges when you add weight with the deadlifts.

Send your hips back and think about pushing down into the floor when you pull the weight up. This will help you engage the hamstrings more and avoid putting too much strain on your lower back.

If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can do Romanian deadlifts with dumbbells. You can also use a resistance band or do more bodyweight hip hinges.

Kettlebell Pullovers

These help with growing the lats (which is great if you want to create the illusion of a smaller waist!). Make sure you keep the arms in a fixed position when pulling the weight over your head.

Don’t let your elbows flex and extend. Move slowly, too. This will help you avoid overextending and bringing the weight back farther than is good for your shoulders.

You can do this exercise with dumbbells instead of a kettlebell, or you can use a resistance band (like in this workout). If you don’t have any equipment on hand, do more Supermans with pull-downs.

Suitcase Deadlifts

I just started adding these into my routine, and I love them. They’re a fun spin on a traditional deadlift, and they provide a little extra stimulation for your core since you have to engage it a bit more to avoid tilting to one side.

The same basic tips apply to these as with regular deadlifts.

Push down into the floor when you’re pulling the weight up and keep your spine straight. Move slowly and use extra care to make sure you don’t accidentally hit the side of your knee with the weight.

You could do these with a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell if that’s all you have on hand. You could also swap them out for single-leg toe touches if you don’t have any equipment.

Push-ups with Side Plank Rotation

I’ve talked a lot about push-ups, so I’m not going to spend too much time addressing them here.

Check out this post if you need more guidance. When you’re doing the side planks, keep your hips lifted (don’t let them sag down toward the ground).

Move slowly and make sure your shoulder is right above your wrist.

Try not the let your hips rock forward or backward, either. Keep them stacked on top of each other.

Weighted Glute Bridges

Here’s one more exercise to give the glutes and hamstrings some extra love.

Press down into the floor to engage the hamstrings and squeeze the glutes at the top of the exercise to make sure you’re getting the most out of this exercise.

Avoid arching your back too much when you’re lifting your hips. Try to form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

You can always do these with a heavy dumbbell instead of a kettlebell. You can also just use your own bodyweight necessary.

One Kettlebell Workout Routine Video Breakdown

If you give this workout a try, please let me know in the comments down below!

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