Full-Body Mobility Routine for Hips, Hamstrings, Thoracic, and Shoulders

full body mobility routine

It’s Monday, and you know what that means — time for another mobility routine! What better way is there to start your work week off on the right foot?

Instead of getting stiff and achy at your desk, you can do this quick routine to loosen up! It’s also a great pre-workout warmup routine (check out this post to see why you should be working on your mobility before you exercise).

This mobility routine comprises just four exercises and will loosen up your hips, hamstrings, thoracic spine, and shoulders.

Here’s a breakdown of the exercises:

Plank Walk to Forward Fold

This exercise is great for loosening up the hips and hamstrings.

If you tend to be tight in these areas, or if you’re planning on doing any hamstring-focused exercises during your workout, I highly recommend adding this move to your warm-up.

When you’re doing this exercise, try to keep your shoulders above your wrists the whole time. You can bend your knees as much you need.

Remember to move slowly as you’re walking up to your hands, too — the video down below is sped up.

Hip Hinges

This is another great hip and hamstring exercise. Make sure you’re sending your hips back behind you when you do this exercise. Keep your back flat and neck neutral while slightly bend your knees.

Crab Reaches

This exercise helps to loosen up your thoracic spine. It gets your core firing a little bit, too, which is always a nice bonus!

Keep your hips in line during this exercise. Let the twist come from your thoracic spine — don’t compensate with your hips to try and reach further across your body.

Seated Wall Circles

This exercise is a lot more challenging than it looks. It’s great for loosening up the upper back and shoulders, though. If you struggle with less-than-ideal posture, you definitely need to add this to your warm-up routine.

Sit with your lower back flush against the wall. Pull your stomach in and tuck your chin slightly so that the back of your head stays pressed against the wall, too.

Move slowly (the video is sped up here, too) and don’t let your hands or the backs of your arms come away from the wall. The goal is to remain touching the wall at all times.

Mobility Routine Breakdown

Here’s a video if you want to see an example of each exercise:

If you try this mobility routine, please comment down below and let me know what you think!

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