Full-Body Loop Band Workout

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It’s time for another Workout Wednesday post! Today’s workout is a full-body workout (check out this post to see why I almost always post full-body workouts on the blog and on social media) and it only requires one piece of equipment: a loop band!

Do I Need a Loop Band?

Technically, you could do most of this workout without a loop band — the only exception is the single-arm rows.

You can do the workout with a loop band, but you shouldn’t if you can help it. The loop band adds extra resistance and provides some great feedback while you’re doing the exercises, so I highly recommend picking one up.

I got mine on Amazon for about $10 — it came with a set of four.

I also really like loop band exercises because loop bands are a highly portable piece of exercise equipment. You can easily pack on in a backpack or suitcase — you could even stick it in your pocket if you really needed!

The Workout

Okay, on to the workout.

Perform these moves back-to-back without stopping. Rest for 60-90 seconds between circuits and complete 3-4 rounds.

Banded Lateral Walks

These are a great glute activation exercise. They get the gluteus medius firing and help you get connected to that muscle before you start doing other lower body exercises like squats.

When you’re doing these, keep your knees bent and don’t let head bob up and down.

Pretend you’re walking side-to-side in a room with a very low ceiling — if you straighten out your legs, you’ll hit your head!

Single-Arm Rows

When you’re doing these, focus on retracted your shoulder blade and really engaging your back muscles. The pulling motion should come from your back, not just your arms.

Banded Squats

I really like doing bodyweight squats with a band. It provides extra feedback and reminds you to press your knees out, rather than letting them cave in. You’ll feel your squats in your glutes a lot more if you use a band while doing them.


I’ve talked a lot about push-ups lately, so I’m not going to go into much detail with these. Feel free to do them on your knees or against the wall if strict push-ups are too challenging for you. Check out this post if you need more help with push-ups.

Banded Glute Bridges

These are another great glute exercise. Think about pressing the knees out to better engage the gluteus medius.

When you’re lifting your hips, avoid over-arching your back, too. Keep the spine neutral and focus on squeezing the glutes and pressing into the heels to elevate the hips.

Banded Plank Taps

This is an anti-rotation exercise. Do your best to keep your hips level as you reach forward and tap the ground in front of you. Keep tension on the band, too, for a little extra upper body engagement.

Need to See the Moves?

Do you want to see these moves broken down in more detail? Check out this video!

If you try this full-body loop band workout, please comment below or comment on Instagram and let me know how it goes!

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